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Our Mission

KCS Mission

We strive for excellence at KCS. Our mission not only focuses on academic development, but on the whole student, including the soul.

To enable every student to reach their full potential in Christ by preparing the mind through solid academic instruction and enlightening the soul to spiritual truth from the Bible.

Enlightening the SoulPhoto of smiling kids outside

By challenging each student with the truths of Scripture
By presenting God as the Author and Sustainer of all life
By showing that each area of learning is relevant, originating from God
By challenging each student to live for Jesus Christ in view of eternity
By encouraging students to develop and practice an integrity that honors God


Preparing the MindPhoto of two boys reading

By encouraging students to discover and practice their talents
By developing a foundation for advanced training
By developing a foundation for a Christian Worldview


Photo of kids giving a thumbs up for our missionEnabling Students
to Reach Their Potential in Christ

By preparing students to make wise independent decisions
By cultivating an atmosphere of love and support
By leading students by Christian example and testimony
By making prayer an integral part of daily school life
By preparing students to be Godly leaders