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Trish King ~ Music

Trish King

Hello, I am Trish King and the KCS Music Teacher. I feel very blessed that God has placed me at Kaufman Christian. I thank Him for the opportunity to share my knowledge of music, as well as my love for Him with the children here. I pray that our music ministry will honor and glorify my Father. I previously taught music in the public schools for 24 years, and have been at KCS since 1999. I feel so blessed.

I was born and raised in Dallas graduating from W. W. Samuell in Pleasant Grove. My husband, Charles, is the Minister of Music at Kemp First Baptist Church. I am the pianist there. We have two sons – Ty & Chad. Ty and Debbie live in Kemp while Chad and Kim live in Tool. Charles and I have 5 grandsons and a granddaughter. Music certainly is a love and strength that God has blessed our family with.

Should you have any questions or need to speak with me, please email me here.