KCS Secondary Program

Exclusively for Grades 7-12


The KCS Secondary Program provides a flexible, structured program, allowing students to experience academic and spiritual development through individualized, Christ-centered, computer-based instruction. The program offers the best of homeschool, private school, and Bible-based education, all rolled into one!

Additionally, KCS exists to help Christian parents fulfill their God-given responsibility of being the primary educators of their children by educating and equipping them according to the teachings of Scripture and by providing godly role models (Psalm 78:5-6). Therefore, we are in partnership with parents, delivering proven educational materials through modern technology. The philosophy of the program is based on the premise that man’s ultimate purpose is to glorify God (I Corinthians 6:19, 20; 10:31) and to reach their full potential by guiding them and developing them spiritually, morally, personally, socially and academically (Luke 2:52).

The Learning Process The Secondary Program seeks to develop young men and women who adhere to a Christian world view and think Christ-like, prepared to participate as godly members of home, church, and society. An integral part of the KCS learning process is the ongoing conversations between the student and their parents. With a regular flow of communication between students, parents and staff, students can correct, apply and broaden what they have learned. Moreover, these contacts provide checkpoints at which we can provide consultation, guidance, motivation and/or instruction about an application, and share thoughts and ideas.

The Role of the Classroom Facilitator The parents and Classroom Facilitator act as models that personify life’s challenges and help to bring about learning. They are motivators who encourage. They are guides who help lead and direct students to a transformed life. Thus, the Classroom Facilitator does not replace, but rather augments the education the student receives at home and church.

The Materials and Content The curriculum and course materials required by the program are intended to support instruction that affirms Christian truth; the belief that we live in a created universe where all truth emanates from God as a guide for life (Nehemiah 9:6). Knowledge is presented as being both discovered and revealed, and the Bible is presented as the inspired, inerrant word of God and the sole Authority for faith and practice (2 Timothy 3:16).

Furthermore, curriculum materials are designed to help students achieve academic standards and master various skills that allow them to acquire further knowledge. Materials were designed to meet the academic needs of most students in grades 7-12. Their design incorporates many key features, including a formative and summative assessment system, the use of individualized learning goals and a diagnostic-prescriptive instructional approach developed by Carroll and Slavin. The curriculum materials provide each student with content (scope and sequence) and performance (mastery level) baseline. User-friendly instruction directs students through the learning process allowing the student to work independently and learn responsibility by setting and accomplishing goals

Admissions Policy Kaufman Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of any of its policies or programs. The KCS Secondary Program enrollment process is competitive with limited space available. We open enrollment first to children that have siblings currently enrolled at Kaufman Christian School and to members of Country Bible Church. Open enrollment to the public begins March 15th.  Available spaces will be filled with applicants and families compatible with our program.



What To Expect…

Teaching Style

The Classroom Facilitator is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day academic routine, keeping students on task and maintenance/updates of the curriculum software (including lesson plans, school calendar, grades, and communication). The Classroom Facilitator is not a certified teacher and is not responsible for teaching students. The curriculum provides in-depth instruction in a variety of formats. However, the Classroom Facilitator is available as a resource to students and can make available other resources to students and parents so that lessons are completely and fully understood. Parents and students can access grades anytime via the software’s grade book. PARENTS MUST TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN THEIR CHILD’S EDUCATION and are encouraged to develop the parent/Classroom Facilitator/student relationship as in a traditional classroom.

Assessment After completing the lessons of the curriculum — which are presented in text and video format — students complete problems, assignments and tests electronically. Parents and students have instant access to grades and can quickly gain feedback regarding the student’s progress. The Classroom Facilitator can partner with parents to grade written work, such as essays and projects, and communicate grades and any comments to parents and students. Due dates and past due notices help students adhere to their weekly lesson plan.


The Annual Timeline A school year consists of two 90-day semesters, each spanning five months. Students should complete the 180-day school year in 10 months. The curriculum is divided into approximately 10 units per course. Each unit typically requires three to four weeks to complete depending on unit length, student ability, daily scheduling and grade level. Students are strongly advised not to rush through the curriculum.

The Daily Timeline (8:10am – 2:00pm)

  • Monday-Thursday: Core subjects (Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science and History/Geography). Because the program exists as a multi-grade classroom, students work by subject at scheduled times throughout the day.
  • Fridays: Community service projects. Students who are current with all their assignments (lessons, projects, quizzes or tests) will participate in our scheduled community service projects on Fridays. If there is no service project scheduled, then students have that Friday off.

2024-2025 Program Fees


Enrollment/Technology Fee Per Student (non-refundable)Hardware:  Laptop Computer (minimum requirements will be provided): $150.00 per year

Tuition: Grades 6-12  $3,500.00 per year
Payments vary (Purchase plan available through KCS with no-interest monthly payments available)

Curriculum Fee: $320.00 (after June 15th price goes up to $370) Non refundable after July 1st. per year, per student **

Curriculum: Ignitia***
5 core subject set: Bible, History/Geography, Language Arts, Science, Math and all elective course offerings (unlimited access)

Computer based learning is unique in that students must take a more active role in learning and accessing information than traditional students in conventional classrooms. Instead of teacher directed instruction, course material is provided in text, video, and animation formats. Rather than simply sitting through a class and jotting notes, KCS Secondary Program students must take the initiative to “self teach,” using the Classroom Facilitator as a resource rather than the primary presenter. The control gained by being actively engaged in your personal learning experience will pay-off in good grades and depth of learning.

It is our goal that through this experience the student will become an independent learner; able to skillfully use their personal learning style to acquire knowledge, gain understanding, and wisely apply learning in life decision-making situations.

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